Stainless Steel Mile Muncher

IMG_9913We decided to use the new Reynolds 931 stainless, a thicker tubing as compared to the 953 tubes. Where 953 is paper-thin, 931 is beefed up by a tenth of a millimetre, which may seem insignificant but makes for a more resilient frame — ideal for the durability needed for this every day mile muncher.


This is a portuer-style track bike with full fenders and front rack capabilities, super rad 7000 series aluminum Phil cranks, hubs and bottom bracket and a Paul ‘Tall and Handsome’ seat post. H+Son rims, King headset. Super nice build, super smooth.”

It’s a classy-yet-functional bike, from the copper-railed Brooks B17 saddle, down to the fork. The fork is also stainless steel, using KVA’s stainless fork blades.IMG_9882

There’s nothing like a slew of Phil Wood & Co components to emphasise an American-made frame, as they’re one of the oldest manufacturers in the US and, along with Paul Components, have been constantly supplying us with innovative design and machining.IMG_9864-Edit

Solid, reliable and homegrown — which is what Horse is all about. Head to Horse Cycles flickr stream for more detail shots

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  • f

    omg it’s beautiful

  • f

    omg it’s beautiful

  • Mathias Malmborg

    Where can one get a stainless steel frame like this one?