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STEEL. The frame building process is an intimate one. Here at Horse we almost always work with steel. Steel is the ultimate bike frame material. New steel formulations allow steel frames to rival aluminum in weight. Steel is great for a number of reasons. First, it loses little or none of its mechanical properties over time meaning that it will maintain its integrity for thousands of miles. It is durable, repairable and easily manipulated.

Each frame is made using one of three techniques. Lugged, Fillet or TIG construction. Lugs offer a sturdy traditional method of joining round tube with plenty of room for customization. Fillet Brazed construction is a beautiful minimal way to join tubes of all shapes and sizes making the strongest of joints. TIG welding is a highly precise light-weight method of construction allowing the use of shaped tubing in any geometry.

All frames are painted in-house using the highest quality of paint. Each frame includes one color of paint.

Component kits are available on request